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4 Steps to Choosing the Right Tyre Video

Finished video commissioned by Best4Tyres to help people with choosing the right tyres for their car. An especially complicated set-up using a host of green-screen footage, layered elements, voice-overs, audio effects, animated CGI models and the synchronisation of background footage to animated sequences. It’s often the simplest looking videos that are the hardest to produce. …

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New Protesting Hedgehogs - Work-in-Progress 1

We’re working on a new video for the online tyre supply and fitting business, Best4Tyres, and so I thought I’d post this very short clip that utilises a range of different elements and software to create the structure for the next production. It involves several individual photographs edited to include transparency, on-site video footage, …

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Delivering a point

This is when you know you’re working with a professional. Doesn’t flinch or complain but keeps going regardless. For obvious visual reasons we couldn’t use this in the final production as it might have upset younger viewers and possibly inferred that there was nothing to damage in the first place. Roger’s comment was “I’d rather …

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Exercise in designing TV Drama opening title sequence

This was an exercise in designing opening titles for a fictitious TV drama using footage I took whilst out hill-walking in the Pentlands outside Edinburgh a few years ago. The intention was to communicate an introductory feeling or atmosphere for a thriller using a combination of representative imagery, grungy text/titles, cold & desaturated colouring and …

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Boom ... and you're there

Wanted to say a big thank you to my good chum Fraser (Hamilton) of Boom Digital Ltd who specialises in design and development of online communications including websites, CMS applications, email marketing and banner advertising.

Fraser really helped me out with pulling this new website together, telling me “No” when I was getting carried away …

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Jool in the crown - Daynan Design

The photo here is a profile portrait that I produced for my good friend Julie (Jools) Gilchrist who designs and produces fantastic pieces of jewellery with an emphasis on silver and fresh water pearls. She was wanting it for her soon-to-be-published website where you’ll be able to buy from an extensive range of beautiful pieces.…

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It's not just seashells you find in North Berwick

I’m in the process of producing a full start-to-finish installation film for the Scottish landscaping company, Stow Construction where I’ll be filming most days to capture the different stages and aspects of a full driveway and landscaping installation. This is a little film produced from some of the footage so far which allowed me to …

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Protesting Hedgehogs - Green screen trials

Having now completed 2 videos for the online tyre supply and fitting company, Best4Tyres, I thought it might be worth showing some of the developments and trials produced in the process. This short clip was created using green screen video footage of the puppets (expertly worked by my daughter Rosie), composited elements, animated pieces …

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