About Claros

Claros was born with a different name (Iain Black Design) in 1993 by myself, Iain Black and having started as a business focusing on graphics and exhibition & display design, I progressively worked with a range of consultant businesses to develop the range of services that my clients were looking for to include Branding, Photography, CGI Modelling, Website design and more recently, Business and Online Videos to meet the demand for this powerful and dynamic form of marketing.

I am extremely fortunate to work with a range of very talented (and nice) people in their individual fields including:

Web and online development
Sales & Marketing
Display Production

to name but a few.

Claros – where does the name come from?

It is a Latin word that means “to make clear in the mind” which is exactly what I try to do for my clients – make what they do clear and easy to understand in the minds of their target market & audience.

It is also a hybrid of the names of my 2 daughters – Clara and Rosie.

What’s the reason for me doing what I do?

I’m passionate about making a difference and giving business owners (who often end up being friends) the things that will make their businesses look (and be) professional and making the process of selling their services and products easier.

And I love the process of taking a business that has a fantastic product or service but perhaps is let down a bit by how it presents itself visually and turning that around. The results are often quite profound.

That’s it. If any of this is what you’re looking for, please do get in touch as I’m sure there will be opportunities for us to work together.

All the best