Branding & Corporate Identity Design

Whether it’s creating a brand new identity or re-designing and developing an existing one, we have the experience, the knowledge and the skills to ensure we take your brand in the right direction. Forwards.
To see some samples of our work in this area, please go to the Branding Samples page.

New Business Identity & Brand

Before any design or advertising work is undertaken, it’s always vital to ensure you have a strong brand that reflects who you are and what you do. The creation of a new identity comes from a process of questioning, assessment and application of the colated information to capture who you are in one powerful visual identity & brand.

Developing an Existing Brand

Although often very challenging, this can often be the most rewarding of the branding projects where we work with a business or organisation that want to improve, develop or grow their brand and professional image. It involves the understanding of where the business has come from and where it’s going and distilling this into the new brand.

Application of a Brand

The broad but consistent execution of the new or developed professional image across a varied spectrum of applications, from business stationery and brochures to vehicle livery, clothing and online marketing.