Digital Media

On-screen & on-line solutions

In a ever-growing digital world, we can deliver a range of digital media solutions that will help to take your business up a level (or two) and present it and your products in a dynamic and engaging way to your target audience.
To see some samples of our work in this area, please go to the Digital Media Samples page.

Business & Online Videos

It’s never been more important to have a dynamic and engaging online presence and video gives you just that. With YouTube being the second largest search engine in the world and audiences much more likely to purchase from sites with product & service videos, this is a tool that, properly done, can give you the ability to powerfully & quickly communicate with your prospective customer whilst standing out from the competition.
Done badly, it can have the opposite effect so make sure you employ a company who knows what they’re doing. To see examples of videos produced to date, please go to the Business Videos examples page.

Commercial Photography


Good quality photography is always an investment for businesses who care about how they project and present themselves and their products. One very good image communicates so much and at Claros, we have a dedication to both parts of the photography process – the shoot and the image edit to ensure that you get professional photographs that do exactly what they should.
To see examples of photography commissions to date, please go to the Commercial Photography examples page.

Digital Sales & Marketing Tools

We are passionate about finding ways of making it easier for our clients to market their business and sell their products . At Claros, we strive to find ways of utilising the digital technology and products that we all have today, making the most of your website and online presence as well as turning your smart phones and tablets into dynamic pocket portfolios, presentation tools and sales brochures.

CGI Modelling & Visualisation

CGI (computer generated imagery) can be used for a variety of purposes. It can be used to create photo-realistic images that replaces the need for often costly photographic sessions when producing advertising and marketing imagery. It can also be used for technical illustrations, typographic compositions with real impact and for use in dynamic animations.
Finally, its use in bringing a proposed design, construction project, invention or idea to life is undeniable and the benefits to progressing the desired outcome is well worth the investment.

Bespoke Imagery & Typography

The design, production and use of custom imagery and typography gives our clients the opportunity to communicate a real individuality in their printed material, online presence and advertising campaigns.
With the imagery, it’s often about creating an emotional engagement whilst the typography enhances the unique quality of the message and demonstrates a personal, purposeful and creative approach to engaging the customer.