New Protesting Hedgehogs - Work-in-Progress 1

We’re working on a new video for the online tyre supply and fitting business, Best4Tyres, and so I thought I’d post this very short clip that utilises a range of different elements and software to create the structure for the next production. It involves several individual photographs edited to include transparency, on-site video footage, green-screen footage and additional bespoke graphics.

It seems that to make things look there most simple takes the most complicated processes but hopefully it will do the job. I do hope the strange looks I got whilst filming on the side of the road this afternoon will be worth it. BTW, the lack of voice-over dialogue is because we’re still working on the final script.

I posted this purely because I thought the technical aspects might be of interest and not that the content will rock your boat. A slight ripple but hope to have the finished production ready to present soon.