Welcome to Claros Design

Claros Design is a creative hub that brings together a range of skills, services and associate specialists dedicated to developing powerful designs, bespoke promotional tools and highly effective communication solutions for our clients.
In other words, we make you look good and your life easier.

A little bit about us

Since 1993 we have been problem solving and developing ideas for the creation of strong and recognisable brands, eye-catching designs and dynamic digital media to establish, promote and sell our clients’ business or organisation in the marketplace.

Our approach is one of simplicity, clarity and honesty whilst ensuring that the creative process is kept relaxed, informed and individual. We believe it is vital to build longterm, one-to-one relationships with our clients to promote confidence and consistency.

Corporate Identity Design

Whether it’s creating a brand new identity or re-designing and developing an existing one, we have the experience, the knowledge and the skills to ensure we take your brand in the right direction. Forwards.

The creation of a new or developed identity comes from a process of questioning, assessment and application of the collated information to capture who you are and what you do in one powerful visual identity & brand.

Graphic Design

To support the creation or development of a corporate identity, we offer a full range of graphic design and visual communication services to help implement and support the new initiative.

Together with photography, image creation & manipulation, illustration and bespoke typography, our comprehensive and custom designs will help you present, market and sell your business across a wide variety of media.

Bespoke Imagery & Typography

The design, production and use of bespoke imagery and typography gives our clients the opportunity to communicate a real individuality in their printed material, online presence and advertising campaigns.

With the imagery, it’s often about creating an emotional engagement whilst the typography enhances the unique quality of the message and demonstrates a personal, purposeful and creative approach to engaging the customer.

3D Modelling & CGI

CGI (computer generated imagery) is an extremely versatile tool. It can be used to create photo-realistic images for advertising and visual marketing as well as giving an added dimension to typographic designs.

It can also be used for infographics & technical illustrations and to visualise product designs & construction projects. Whatever your idea or requirement, this can bring it to life.



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